About me

I don‘t know exactly, what my parents thought about my future adult life when I was born on 20th January, 1981. However, they certainly could not imagine that I would be the youngest member of Chamber of Deputies in 2002. I have always been interested in politics, therefore when I graduated from grammar school in Novy Jicin in 1999 and wondered on what I should further focus, I applied for Economic Policy and Administration at Masaryk University. I successfully graduated from Masaryk University and gained a bachelor’s degree. Despite leaving Masaryk University, I have not been finished with my student life. And having had a break for several years, I carried on with the studies at Academy of Finance and Administration. Further, in 2009, I got an engineer’s degree in Public Administration field of study.
My interest in the world, in which we live, brought me to the politics and resulted in my candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies in 2002. As the youngest member of Chamber of Deputies, I started working in the Foreign Affairs Committee, but I did not forget about my native Moravian-Silesian Region, and about the beautiful Novojicinsko District. As an MP, I spend time in my native region primarily every Monday. I not only meet representatives of local governments, but also citizens. Also, a number of draft legislations and questions to government that I submit, result from initiative of citizens. Furthermore, I very closely cooperate with Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, in which am I a member in Bohumin. In 2007, I have started to work very intensively with young people and I achieved to build connections all around the country in all regions. During summer holidays I am devoted for many years to the children’s holiday camps, especially in Bruntal District. The camp put together children from all over Moravian-Silesian Region and children’s houses. I would not believe that in the circle of children I not only relax but also I can learn a lot.
I started working in the Environment Committee after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2006. I have seen the urgent need to deal with laws that improve the environment in Moravian-Silesian region, which has long suffered especially from poor air quality. I became a shadow minister for the environment in the Communist Party.

The most important, but also quite a sad work, started with floods in 2009, which has hit the most specifically our region. And at that time I gained a good feeling, that my work may also have some immediate visible results. I was working days and nights and the only time I took off my wellingtons was when I went to bed. We managed to give people a few hundred thousand crowns to urgent needs after the first wave of floods.
I led Communist’s list of candidates in May elections in 2010.
After my re-election I continued on promotion of practical and effective protection of the environment, which will help people and which will not take their job. Because working in environmental politics very often means to cope with ignorance of environmental protection of right-wing parties on the one side and enthusiasm and a little bit of impracticality on the other side of green activists.
Environmental protection policy brought me to solving problems with Sumava National park and also with the Waste Act. Also in future I would like to continue to deal with environmental protection policy. People deserve to have representatives in the European Parliament that will defend their interests. I will be very glad to work on behalf of the Czech Republic and especially on behalf of our citizens in the European Parliament. With your confidence, I would like to be actively involved in the creation of environmental legislation, because the environment, in which we live and in which next generations will live, affects all of us without exception.